Time to Do It Right...

After 10 years managing for some of the biggest cleaning companies, we found that bigger doesn't necessarily mean better.  When it comes to cleaning, it doesn't matter how big your cleaning company is.  It doesn't matter how many franchisees you have.  At the end of the day, all that matters is results.  We deliver results!

EXECUTE: Once you've given us the OK, we...1. Do a 1st Walk Through of your business with our cleaners, 2. Review concerns, 3. Schedule your 1st cleaning and 4. Execute on getting your business clean.

MEET: We'll schedule a time to meet that's convenient for you.  We'll discuss your cleaning needs, offer suggestions and take measurements.


more services available

1x Cleans:

Sometimes you just need it done once and done right.  Porter Pros can provide 1x Cleans for your business.



Many cleaning companies claim to know how to clean Office Kitchens but few really do.  We have experience cleaning Office Kitchens, the right equipment and the right teams.


Floor Care:

We provide expert Floor Cleaning.



PLAN: We draft a customized cleaning proposal for your business.  We take into consideration your budget, cleaning needs and how to improve cleaning standards.



ready to GET clean?

NO empty promises...

Porter Pros was created with the idea of providing old-fashioned service for a modern world.  We believe there's value in a firm handshake and a promise.  There's even more value in a company you can truly trust.  Get the piece of mind that Porter Pros will take care of all your cleaning needs.



As simple as A...B...C...we can get your business up to the standards you expect.